Coiled forms Media: Grogged Porcelain & Stoneware Clays

These large coiled forms are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, being made from grogged porcelain and stoneware clays and fired to 1260°C.

The inspiration came from my love of natural form, coastal land and seascape. Rock forms are carved from a block of grogged stoneware clay, embedded with quartz crystals, painted with slips, colouring oxides and glazes. The quartz crystals melt to create an additional channel of glacier like glaze. Shells are carved and coiled from stoneware or porcelain clay. Slips and glaze with colouring oxides are applied with brush strokes.

The sweeping brushstrokes of colourful slips on the Coiled Vessels work together with the forms, the surface treatment being inspired by land and seascape. After applying the slips I use a dry glaze (recipe – Ewen Henderson) which is designed to enhance colour.

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