On Music - An exhibition of works on paper and in clay Exhibitors: David Cowley & Barbara Wakefield

St. Luke's Beethoven Series 2 No.5St. Luke's Beethoven Series 3 No. 1Detail from Arietta, Bone ChinaPorcelain Folded Form with Sgraffito Notation, ‘Schubert Impromptu Opus 142 . D935 No. 1’  h12.5 x w13.5 x d13.5cm

A deep interest in music is fundamental to the work of London based artists David Cowley and Barbara Wakefield. They continue a long tradition of artworks that link the visual and audible in the performing arts.

Working from their shared studio in London, David and Barbara develop their work using drawings from live concert performances, study of the visual aspects of scores and listening to recordings of music.

David Cowley paints using layers of translucent watercolour and opaque acrylics to portray elements of specific architecture, musicians and music. Colour breaks through like a sound burst echoing a moment in time when notation is suspended in air, musicians are animated with gestural movements, and a deep stillness seems to pervade the environment.

Barbara Wakefield animates her rhythmically folded, translucent bone china and porcelain forms with shimmering, pierced pinpoints of light. By creating vessel forms with undulating folds of clay and engraved marks which interact with light, she suggests references to the rhythms, intervals and tonalities of particular pieces of music

Prices for paintings range from £150 to £1500 with sizes varying from h15.5cm x w14.5cm to h74 x w105cm. Ceramics range in size from h8cm to h35 cm and are priced from £45 to £575.

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