Zelli Selected Exhibition 2006 Exhibitor: Barbara Wakefield

Mars, Holst Planets SuiteJupiter, Dark StormJupiter, Pale StormMars with Holst Planets Suite Notation & Violin Scroll Venus, Aphrodite  DetailVenus, Porcelain

Location: Zelli Gallery, London.

Theme: Celestial Porcelain.

Inspiration for this body of work ‘As Above, So Below’ has developed from my involvement with music, and my interest in writers and thinkers who make connections between music, mathematics, astrology and mythology.

For the viewer to engage with these references I have taken three planets from Holst’s Planets Suite - Mars, Venus and Jupiter and interpreted them in terms of music, mythology and magnitude.

With Mars and Jupiter as the object of the gaze, contemplate the ‘Harmony of the Spheres’ resounding in notation and instrumentation.

Open Venus to reveal the Greek mythological goddess figure ‘Aphrodite’ cradled by 2 doves and a Boticelli rose. Become aware of Jupiter, the largest of the planets, interacting with Galilean moons.

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